Building with Garages Etc.

Once a contract is signed. . . the building process begins.

Following are 10 easy steps outlining the general flow of events. Keep in mind, options such as the installation of sheetrock, gutters, electrical and plumbing fixtures, etc., will effect the production schedule. Feel free to contact us. We're happy to answer your questions about your next construction project.

  1. Permitting. Our designer gathers information about your specific project, draws the plans, and submits them to your city/county for approval. There a many factors effecting the length of time for a permit to be approved.

  2. Locating utilities. With the exception of water, a "locate company" determines the exact location of all underground utilities. Temporary paint is used to indicate these lines.

  3. Excavation. First, our "dirt crew" stakes out your site. Next, our excavation crew levels the site and digs footings.

  4. Footing inspection. Our crew from Concrete, Etc. sets up concrete forms. Rebar is put in place and the site is graded to ensure the slab will be of uniform thickness. A city/county inspector visits the site to confirm setbacks, rebar placement, and footings are adequate and meet local codes.

  5. Concrete. Our concrete crew pours, places, and finishes the slab placing anchor bolts and other hardware as necessary. Typically, concrete is poured under favorable weather conditions only. And, jobs are poured on a first-come, first-served basis. This means your job may not be poured on the first nice day. On the day we do pour, please ensure all vehicles are out of the construction area and pets are contained.

  6. Finishing the concrete. Within a few days after pouring, we strip the forms, backfill the slab, and complete light cleanup of your site.

  7. Framing. Lumber is delivered within a week of the slab being poured, and framing begins shortly thereafter. Once the walls are built, trusses are delivered, and framing continues. Depending on the size of your project, framing can take a couple days to a few weeks.

  8. Roofing, doors, windows. When framing is complete, your roof, windows, and doors are installed.

  9. Cleanup. Your building is up. We collect all construction scraps, spread gravel if needed, and complete any remaining backfilling or grading. While we do not landscape your site, we are familiar with landscaping companies and can give you a referral.

  10. Final inspection. City/county inspectors complete a final inspection. Your satisfaction is very important to us, and we ask that you let us know the results of that inspection as soon as possible so we can promptly correct any problems.